Surfing Strength Training in New York City

As many surfers will tell you maintaining balance and a strong core is an essential part of a surfer’s life. But how do you maintain a strong physique during the long, cold New York winters if you’re really not that into winter surfing or you’re tired of using that Indo board while watching TV? Well lucky for you, you live in a city that has strengthening exercises tailored just for surfers. Only in NYC right?

First we have Surfilates, brought to you by Kim Kuznitz, at BENT Pilates Studio. Kim is the real deal. Not only is she an amazing NY based surfer and a friend, she is a Pilates guru who has tailed training sessions to build up your paddle strength, increase your balance and strengthen your core. Class rates are very reasonable starting at $35/session. Surfilates also offers an Introductory package consisting of three private sessions at a discounted rate. This introduces you to the Pilates technique. An instructor will take you through the basics on the some of the apparatus (Reformer and Cadillac) and tailor the workout to your specific needs. This is a one time offer. 

Check out their homepage for more information about Surfilates

BENT Pilates Studio is located at – 828 9th (between 54th – 55th St.) Avenue, New York, NY 10019 T: 212-246-4556

Lastly, and newest to the NYC Surf workout scene, is SurfSET Fitness. Founded by a former professional Hockey player turned California surfer who created a machine that mimics the workout he got while surfing. Check out their video for a demonstration – 


SurfSET Fitness: RipSurferX from SurfSET Fitness on Vimeo.

Classes are a bit more pricey at $40/class and run 40 minutes. 

They are currently located at Chelsea Studios – 151 W 26th St T: 209-819-SURF

Now get out there and work on your fitness! 

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