ROSEL – Eco-Friendly Clothes with a Surf Inspiration

A few months ago I stumbled upon the Eco-conscious brand ROSEL on Instagram. The line is inspired by the values and style of the 60’s and 70’s and also surfing. We reached out to Juliane Camposano, founder and designer of the young line, to discuss her inspiration behind the line and what is coming next for ROSEL.

Tell us a little about how you founded ROSEL.

I have been fascinated with fashion since I was a kid really even though I grew in a small German seaside resort that certainly didn’t have much style to offer. My mom taught me to knit and sew at an early age therefore making my own clothes just became part of my life. I also happen to have very sensitive skin and cannot tolerate certain materials so in 2009 I decided to start making my own knits in materials that work for me since I had a very hard time finding knitwear items I could wear. And as the story goes people loved what they saw and told me to produce and sell my designs: ROSEL was officially born.

Love the 60s and 70s influence behind the line. How do you combine these styles with the latest fashion trends?

My designs are inspired by my personal, eclectic, multi-cultural experiences and the causes of the 60’s/70’s values and lifestyle. I’m not too concerned with fashion trends as ROSEL is primarily an extension of my own style and set of beliefs. Having been raised in the 70’s in an all-green-hippie household it has set the foundation for my brand to express an ecologically conscious, ethically-aware way of living in today’s day and age, which in my opinion is more important than fashion trends.

How does surfing influence your designs and creative ideas?

Surfing is the driving force behind everything I do these days really, not just in regards to my designs and creative ideas! It’s a lifestyle and appreciation for nature and the outdoors which sets the basis for my creations to be functional and versatile yet I make sure to inject the right amount of modern, cool sportswear feel into the pieces to create effortlessly hip and covetable collections.

I’m a huge fan of your Daily ROSEL posts on Instagram. Can you share a few of your favorite outfits and the inspiration behind them?

These are my 5 favorites so far in the short time that I started The Daily ROSEL. I’m in the process of creating a Tumblr blog called ROSELROCKS to make this idea a long term creative project in order to bring my ROSEL line to a larger audience.

What can we expect next from ROSEL?

I’m working on expanding my designs from just being knitwear-only to also include styles made from fabric, plus add some fun bag ideas to the mix. I have to admit that financial challenges, to no surprise in this economy, need to be figured out in order for me to forge ahead full force.

ROSEL is still after all a very young emerging brand in its infant shoes, therefore I’m incredibly grateful for you interest in my designs and ideas.

Thank you so much Juliane for talking with us. Make sure to check out the main ROSEL site for the latest designs and happy shopping!

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