LAVAGIRLSURFI’ve been a surfer for over eleven years now, four of which have been in the chilly waters of Long Beach, NY. During this period I have seen the growth in women surfer’s gearing up and hitting the surf in NY which is really exciting. Although I have a core group of surf friends (predominantly male) it’s nice to surf with other female surfers in the line-up (especially in the deep winter months) and the calming effect we bring to a sometimes overly aggressive, male dominated line-up.

I’ve always encourage my female friends to give surfing a chance offering up advice, tips, and how-to’s which is why I am happy to partner with Lava Girl Surf for their returning Women Surf Workshops in Rockaway, NY. These three off-water sessions are specifically designed for women to empower their surfing ability and inspire their lifestyle. The sessions are taught by professional presenters and include in-depth discussions and a Q&A in a fun environment (think raffles, DJ, food & spirits).

Also, if you register online by April 30th you will have a chance to win a Free Pass to all three sessions.

Watch the trailer here and please spread the word. See you there!

Lava Girl Surf // Women’s Surf Summer Sessions 2013 Trailer from Lava Girl Surf on Vimeo.

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