Interview with Dave Juan of unsOund Surf

artshow_1Long Beach, NY was ravaged by Superstorm Sandy destroying several well establish businesses, homes, and the spirits of its residents. Now, six months after the storm, staple businesses like unsOund Surf are back open and showing everyone just how strong the city of Long Beach and its residents really are.

unsOund surf was established out of the need to create more than a surf shop says co-owner/founder Dave Juan who envisioned a community based shop that could help put NY on the map for large events like the ASP World Tour. Not only did this vision come to fruition in 2011 when Long Beach hosted the 2011 Quiksilver Pro NY but Dave and unsOund have supported the cities surfing future by sponsoring groms and hosting fundraisers like the unsOund Surf Art show.

We spoke a little further with Dave about their reaction to Sandy, the shops comeback, and the upcoming art show fundraiser now in its fourth year.

Superstorm Sandy really devastated the shop. How did the team react upon returning to the shop for the first time after the storm?

We were all shocked at what we saw, complete devastation at the shop and throughout the whole town. It was something that you’ll never forget. The worst was seeing the boardwalk gone!

unsOund_ConstructionCan you tell us a little bit about the support you received from the Long Beach community during the rebuilding process?

We are very lucky; we had so much help since day one. That is something that made the whole storm so special. The storm brought the best out of some people. Random people would just come by and help and not expect anything. It was amazing to see.

The shop has since re-opened. During the rebuilding process did you make and improvements in case the island sees another catastrophic storm?

Since we don’t own the building, so we only have protected what we can for the future.

unsOund is a strong supporter of local Long Beach surfers. What are your plans for 2013 and beyond?

This year we are doing everything we’ve done year after year, we are not letting the storm beat us up anymore. We focused on the future and want to help people move on with new memories of Long Beach, fuck Sandy!!

The 4th Annual unsOund Art Show is on May 18th. How did the benefit start and what can we expect this year?

artshow_2The art show started because we know so many good artist, young and old, and customers. We just thought it would be a great idea to give the local and international artist a place to show their art skills. Anybody can donate to the show, it’s open to the public, and it’s a community event. We are giving a free venue for you to show your art to the public.

Most people in our art show would never have this chance or even would want to. All of a sudden you start to see how creative your friends and customers are. Also art is an important part of our world and most importantly we thought it would be a great way to help raise money for many great causes. We give up our shop for half a day without out even thinking about. People love the art show, people are smiling, parents are proud, it’s just such a solid event!!!

Thank you Dave for taking the time to talk with us and we are so stoked unsOund is back in action!

We hope everyone can make it out for the art show. More information can be found at the Facebook Invite.


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