WaveShape 30 Day Challenge

WS_1Are you looking to get into shape this summer and rock a lean, strong surfer bod? If so, join us as we take the WaveShape 30-day challenge which starts June 1st. This new, hard-core original workout regimen was designed by Anna Jerstrom, Owner/Founder of surf-ready swimwear brand Calavera and celebrity fitness expert and fellow surfer Adam Rosante, Creator of The People’s Bootcamp.

So what is the challenge?  It is a high-intensity, 45-minute full-body workout designed to create a slim-yet-strong surfer’s body, build explosive power, increase total body strength, skyrocket endurance, improve flexibility, and boost confidence.

“This workout caters to all types of athletes regardless of fitness level,” says Adam Rosante. “It takes the multi-­dimensional movement patterns used in surfing to boost functional strength and endurance that works on the waves and builds a tight, toned body that looks great on shore.”

In order to take the challenge, sign-up at www.getinwaveshape.com to access video workouts of Adam putting UK Women’s Surfing Champion Evie Johnstone through the paces streaming free from the WaveShape website right from your home. Participants are challenged to do the WaveShape workout three times per week plus two days of cross training of his or her choice.

There will be give-a-ways every week and Anna, Evie, and members of the Calavera crew will be tracking their progress and providing training tips throughout the month via FacebookTwitter, and Instagram using #WaveShape. We will be sharing our progress on Twitter so make sure to share your progress too.

Let’s get into shape!

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