Lava Girl Surf Women’s Surf Workshop: Surfchitecture – Aug.18, 2013

Lava Girl Surf Workshop FlyerWe are happy to partner with our friends at Lava Girl Surf for their second  women’s-only workshop on surfboard design: Surfchitecture on August 18I am so stoked for this event as I’ve always wanted to learn how to fix a ding the correct way.

The workshop will cover the fundamentals of surfboard design and function; ding repair, sustainable shaping and body surfing followed by a surfboard exhibition in the newly renovated Rockaway Beach Surf Club.

With presentations by surf professionals in a friendly and informal setting, attendees can feel comfortable asking questions based on their surfing ability and level of knowledge. The workshop will include a panel discussion on Surfboard Design and Function, covering the different shapes and components of boards and fins, shaping and body surfing.

On the panel will be Imaginary Surf Co. founder, David Murphy, who shapes high performance, artisanal boards in Brooklyn. He uses salvaged and locally harvested wood, and environmentally sustainable resins and coatings.  In addition to the hand crafted custom boards and traditional surf craft, David Murphy releases a series of hand planes every few months for bodysurfers from Montauk to Maui.

Also joining the panel will be Mike Becker, the owner of Natures Shapes, which has been providing custom surfboards and other related products since 1993. Mike has been shaping boards since he was 16 years old, and designs specifically for east coast conditions.

There will also be a Ding Repair Demonstration by a local surfer to help attendees learn the techniques of repairing their boards at home or while traveling.

This is the second workshop of Lava Girl Surf’s 2013 season. Each session creates its own experience, exposing women to the sport, art and lifestyle of surfing. The third, set for October, will explore picking the right surf destination, including reading waves, understanding weather data and surviving the winter waters.

At Surfchitecture, guests will get to see an exciting surfboard exhibit and memorabilia curated from NY and across the Nation. They will also receive surf-inspired swag bags and entry to a raffle as well as summertime food and drinks. It’s a great chance to meet up with fellow female surfers in the community and be able to connect on and off the water.

The Workshop Surfchitecture will be Sunday August 18, 1:00pm-6:00pm at the Rockaway Beach Surf Club 302 Beach 87th Street, Rockaway Beach. (Next to Rockaway Freeway. Nearest train station – Beach 90th Street / A Train Line).  Tickets are $45 for individual session or 2 sessions for $70 (best value).

For more information visit

Tickets can be purchased at

We hope to see you there!

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