7th Annual NY Fish Fry – May 17th or 18th*

FF7-300x288IT’S BACK! One of the funnest, coolest, and most chill surf events of the year, the 7th Annual NY Fish Fry is going down this May 17th or 18th at Washington Blvd in Long Beach. The Surf Forecast is looking good!

Bring your fish’s, oddities, experimentation’s, and cherry boards.. Sharing is caring. The surf forecast is looking good for this weekend. The call will be made this Friday.

The NY Fish Fry has become a staple in NY surf culture over the last 7 years. It’s a great time. Completely grass roots, no tents, no sponsors, no commercialism at all. Just a great opportunity for friends and like minded surfers to come together and try out new and old boards. It doesn’t get much better than that. Afterwards, I’m sure there will be a happening at Pilgrim Surf & Supply in the evening. So, come on out, bring all your odd riding crafts, a positive attitude and be ready to have a great time.

When: May 17th or 18th (Waves depending)

Where: Washington Blvd, Long Beach NY

What: The NY Fish Fry

Bring: Your boards to share and positive attitudes… Full details here.


  1. Mike

    Annual surfing events like this should continue. I saw a recap earlier and the waves were pretty good and surfers definitely had a great time.

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