Interview – Ehiku Rademacher of Mahiku Activewear

10620001_951810878179219_2581096980705181736_oThe latest trend to hit the sand, surf, and trails this summer is activewear legging – not only are they protective from the suns damaging rays but they also make your legs and butt look great in and out of the water! So when we ran across the all american made brand Mahiku, a premium activewear and lifestyle company committed to style, comfort and quality, we wanted to know more about this ultra-cool brand with some of the most sporty and fun leggings out there. We talked with designer/founder Ehiku Rademacher about Mahiku and what’s next for the brand.

Can you tell us what you love about the ocean?

Being a native Hawaiian raised on an Island the ocean is a second home to me. While growing up that is where we would go for fun, food, exercise, family gatherings, solitude etc. I feel lost when I am inland with no water in sight, I need a body of water or I dry up. It sounds silly but thats the truth. I can handle lakes and rivers for a short time but the ocean is the ultimate cleanse and recharge for me.

10499328_929105500449757_8340864113833615706_oWhat inspired you to start Mahiku Activewear?

Mahiku co founder and friend Mahealani Gambill, she started making these out of her home years ago for the girls on the canoe club team. I noticed the potential for growth and improvement and took it from there. We have come a long way from the first pants sewn at home. Our pieces are sewn in a California Factory with quality control. I have tweaked the design to now offer flatlock stitching and a drawstring (in the Kini Capri Sport) for extra support in and out of the surf. Along with other comfort factors.

What set’s your brand apart from others in the activewear category?

We can match larger companies in quality but where we differ is that we can offer a large amount of different prints in production and have a good amount of stock to back it up, which keep our retailers happy. Larger companies won’t put that many prints into production and smaller companies are mostly sewn at home with little product in stock and the consistency and quality can suffer as a result.

IMG_1310_grandeYou have been surfing since you were very young, can you describe the first wave you ever caught?

The first wave I ever caught was on the front of my Mother’s bodyboard with water wings on. She would charge with me in tow. She always said she didn’t let having kids hold her back and I agree. She just took us along:-) It was the best feeling ever!! I was less then a year old. She dropped in and I remember having no fear because she was right there. I was hooked after that! I now do the same with my boys.

What’s next for your young brand?

We are coming out with sports bikinis:-) They should be here by the end of the month. They will be tough enough for any sport. A fuller coverage so they can cross over to Biking, Running, Hot Yoga etc.. As well as a Mens line. Fun Fun Fun!

Thank you so much Ehiku for talking with us about MAHIKU. Please check them out at their main site.

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