Interview: Kassia Meador – From Surfer to Designer

10802560_321473568037066_566742663_nKassia Meador is no stranger to self-expression be it through her smooth longboarding style, surf films like Expensive Porno Movie, or music – she puts her unique perspective and style out there. Her new wetsuit line, KASSIA, is another creative outlet for the talented surfer which hits the market early 2015. I reached out to Kassia to find out what inspired her latest venture, her love for Montauk, and more.

Your new line of wetsuits is amazing and creatively different from the suits you designed with ROXY. Can you talk a little bit about this new venture and creative process?

I learned so much about wetsuit construction and design making my own line of suits for ROXY over the past 6 years. It was a fantastically wonderful experience; however working with big companies you learn there are always things sacrificed to meet price points whether it is design, materials, quality or a combination of them all. With this new venture I want to make the wetsuits of my dreams. I’m super excited to have the freedom to push my designs and work with the best materials I can find to create the best wetsuits I can in a technically functional visually dynamic way.

What or who inspires you the most out of the water?

10843881_887347744618104_1168428246_nLife inspires me endlessly! Meeting new people, being in new places experiencing fresh feelings

Walk us through the first wave you caught?

I remember the first wave I caught was on the beach break of La Conchita up near Rincon…it isn’t much of a wave and it was a small day…my dad finally talked me into paddling out the back and catching a green wave…I was scared but the excitement of catching my first real wave pushed me. A little bump popped up and my dad told me to turn around and paddle. So I turned around put my head down and gave it all I had. I started feeling the wave pushing me so I got up!!! It was the best feeling ever!!! Floating over the water, everything slowed down time felt different and I knew. I can still picture that wave that feeling so perfectly even now. From that moment my life changed forever surfing was always and would always be first!

You spend a fair amount of time surfing Montauk. What makes it such a special place for you?

For one I’m goofy foot and there are lots of epic lefts out there. I also just love that place it always feels really special. The beached are beautiful the people are nice and there are deer allover the place. I also love how it’s just at the end of long island a lot of ocean around feels raw and free.

Who is your surf inspiration and why?

Diana Vreeland she was never a surfer but put to words what it feels like in the most pure way!

Thanks Kassia for taking the time to speak with us. Can’t wait to rock one of your new wetsuits in the water this summer. Check out the line here.

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Imagery:@d_peto dane peterson and @wearerefugee mark tesi

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